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Classes and Training

              We offer a wide variety of training and coaching. You can learn:

Puppy Pre-Planning:

Puppies are so blessed cute!  It’s hard to resist them. But don’t let them sweet talk you into not preparing for their arrival! Avoid the regret of “we shoulda.” Take this class first and learn what to expect and how to manage it. You’ll be perfectly positioned to start training when you bring your puppy home. You’ll be glad you did!

Puppy Class: Pups 8wks. - 5 mo.

“The first 2 weeks he was so calm and sweet. Now he’s a tyrant. He bites us all the time! And his puppy teeth are so sharp!!  The kids are afraid of him when he chases them. I can’t have a dog the kids are afraid of! AND he jumps on the furniture.  Imagine, a black puppy on a white couch. This puppy is more trouble than he’s worth!”   This class teaches how to avoid that. Don’t delay.

Basic Training Techniques:

Here you will learn the basics of Human to Dog communication. Learn thedance as well as the song. What you say with your body is as important as what you say with your voice.  Avoid misunderstanding. Do it right the first time. Course chapters include: Attention, Sit, Down, Wait, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Take It, Give and NRM.

Basic Training Techniques 2:

In this class we learn the song and dance that the Dog performs. We learn how to read his body language so that we can polish our skills to the glee of everyone! You build on the skills you developed in Basic Training class to achieve a reliable Recall (Come), Stay, Wait, Heel and Bed. Here is where your confidence begins to grow.

Canine Good Citizen Class:

Is your dream to bring your Therapy dog to visit people in the hospital? Or maybe you want to compete in Agility or Fly-Ball? Then this is your class! The class covers all the behaviors you and your dog have learned. Now learn how to manage those behaviors in a distracting, foreign environment.

Advanced Training:

Oh the joy of a dog who is reliable! Do it off leash. Now that’s impressive!! And by this time, for you… easy! It’s really fun, too! You and your dog deepen your friendship. You’re a team, now! You communicate non-verbally! it’s a great feeling.

Clicker Training:

The three most important things in dog training are timing and consistency! Good timing and consistent rewards result in faster learning and better performance. Using a clicker will improve your timing. Clicker training is an option for you in all the classes K9 Interpreter offers. When you join our Clicker Class you will learn how to use a clicker to train behaviors by remote control. We teach tricks like Crawl, Spin, Dance, Shake hands, Roll over, and the ever popular… Bang! If your goal is to train your dog to get you a beer, Clicker Trick Training is where to start.


Waddaya Need Class:

Does your dog do everything except…? Well, we all need to go back to basics sometimes. K9 Interpreter offers refresher training in whatever you need to refresh. Call and we’ll talk!

• Private and Family training is available at your house.
• Get a group of dog-owner friends and learn together.
• All classes offered in
American Sign Language as well as English.

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