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$35 per day, per dog. Call K9 Interpreter to visit us with your dog to sniff around and become comfortable here. 


Special Needs dogs are welcome and prices vary according to their needs. We'll discuss your dog's Special Needs and determine any extra costs during this visit. Cost of this visit is $35.

Board & Train:

K9 Interpreter will train your dog while boarding here when you are out of town. Cost is $55 per day while boarding. When you return home, we’ll have one hour long private lessons at your house to bring you up to speed with your dog. Standard price for Private Lessons at your house is $55.00 per half hour; so you save $55!

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Special Services:

Preparing for your new puppy?

Plan ahead! Schedule an appointment with K9 Interpreter to learn all the supplies you'll need to make your new puppy welcome in her new home with you! 

You'll learn how to puppy proof your home and cherished belongings to prevent the common mistakes that many new puppy parents can make.

Don't wait until you're driving home with your new puppy on your lap, to stop at Petco and get supplies. Think ahead! K9 Interpreter can help!

Preparing to adopt an adult dog, or older puppy?

Adult dogs and older puppies can feel stressed when moving from the foster family to your house.

K9 Interpreter can give you a heads up on how to help your new family member become comfortable in her new home. We’ll meet in your home for 90 minutes. Cost is $110.00.

Drop-in Dog Training:

Got a behavior issue you want to work on but no time to come to class?

Let’s do it with 21st Century technology and Skype!

 Call Us @ Home: 612.615.1759

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