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About us

Hi. This is Joan Lisi-McCoy, the K9 Interpreter. This little home-based business is my leap off the cliff!

Once, years ago, while going through a rough patch, I noticed that the time I was the happiest in my work was while I was working at a Humane Society as the Emergency Agent. Anyone who has worked in animal welfare knows what heartbreaking work it can be. Nevertheless, I truly was happiest doing that work. I knew I was making a contribution! As the K9 Interpreter I do the work I really enjoy!

I'm a Minnesota girl. My sisters and brother and I grew up in Rochester MN. Mom is from the Iron Range and Dad grew up in Chicago. Our first dog, Clancy, was a black and tan standard Dachshund. He was rather rotund. So it's remarkable that he could sit on his back legs for long minutes; begging for whatever it was you were eating. He wasn't insistent though. If you ignored him he went away.

That was my first lesson in Dogspeak. Ignore a dog; he'll go away. Play with him; he's your best friend!

We always had a dog in the family so you could say I grew up training dogs. You could say that, but I didn't really learn how to train until I met Wendy VanKerkhove of Fresh Air Training in Minneapolis. At that time Wendy was the Area Pet Trainer for Pet Smart and I was applying for the job of Pet Training Instructor. I became the Senior Pet Training Instructor at Pet Smart for five and a half years. When I left Pet Smart, Wendy invited me to join her team at Fresh Air Training.

I continue to work with Wendy and Fresh Air Training and I'm actively building the services I offer to the human parents of the dogs in my training classes.

Thank you for visiting our website! It's a work in progress, so check back and see what's new!


We are fluent in English, Dog and American Sign Language

"Quite honestly, training at our previous training school was stressful; training with you is fun.   I’ve noticed when we are attending your classes regularly I am a better human and Mavis is a better canine.  Together we are a better team."

Laura E. & Mavis


"Thank you so much for helping me and taking care of my special friend, Sparky. I am so glad I found you and got to know how wonderful a person you are."

Karen G.

"We left our 2 Shih Tzus at K9 Interpreter last winter. They were well taken care of and very happy when we picked them up. In fact they were in no hurry to leave!!"

Tomi K.

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