DOG BLOG: 4/24/2021

Know what’s even more exciting than a protracted election campaign? Training a dog!

You can train your dog to be polite; and now’s the time to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to ask your dog to Stay, or Come when called or Leave-it when “It” is the main course of a holiday dinner party?

I’ve got great news! PETCO in Brooklyn Park MN; (where I offer training classes now) is offering 1 Hour Training Workshops on just the topic you need!

Is your dog a leash-puller? We have a workshop for that!

Is Buddy the perfect dog except he barks in his kennel? We have a workshop for that, too; and for Jumping on people, Counter-surfing, Potty Training and others. These are One-hour Workshops focusing on just the issue you want to correct; an opportunity to brush up on a behavior you’ve been struggling with but didn’t have the Time or Funds to dedicate to a full 6 Week Training Course.

The price is right, too, just ask Joan at Petco to the rescue!!...and I’ll be there too!

Call me at Petco, my cell, 612.615.1759 and we’ll get started. 

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